Rent Storage in Wickenburg AZ

Browse our available units. You can book a unit online by selecting the size and payment option and then clicking the rent now link. If you need help please call: 928-684-3550 for assistance.

There shall be no refund on any monthly rental for a lease agreement terminated before the end of the month.

Available Unit Types to Rent

Photo Description
smallest (5.0x10.0x9.0) Small unit type

This size yields a total of 450 cubic feet of space, perfect for storing an entire bedroom or office.
- remodeling? Now you have the space to place all the contents instead of clogging up your other rooms during construction!
- working from home? Don't let the business spill over into your living space; store your inventory.
- making changes in your living situation? Relax! Store your personal items safely until things settle down.

DB Studio apt. (8.0x10.0x8.0) Small unit type

Studio apartment

medium (10.0x10.0x9.0) Small unit type

This 900 cubic foot unit is ideal for storing an entire living room and two full bedrooms.
Our 10x10 units come in two types: one door and two door. If you are storing items that you do not need to access for the duration, a one-door unit will work; if you will need to access your items, a two-door unit allows you arrange and reach a smaller portion of the unit without having to search through everything.

bigger (10.0x15.0x9.0) Small unit type

With 1350 cubic feet of space, this larger unit can hold roughly 3 bedrooms worth of furniture. Bring in all your larger items because this space is deal for those large televisions, pianos, couches and tables.

biggest (10.0x20.0x9.0) Small unit type

If you need to store an entire home, say about 5 bedrooms, then this is the space for you. This 1800 cubic foot space can store all the larger items you need stored like washers, dryers and refrigerators.

2 (10X15) units with center wall removed (20.0x15.0x9.0) Small unit type

DB 1 large studio apartment (apt. 4-5). (20.0x20.0x8.0) Small unit type

2 studios combined to make 1 large studio apartment. Price inc. electricity.

House (40.0x50.0x20.0) Small unit type